Ostomy One- Piece Pouch – VISION


Colostomy/Ileostomy one-piece pouch, closed or drainable, opaque (W) or
transparent (C), made of plastic film, nonwoven backing film for skin protection,
hydrocolloid synthetic resin (cut to fit), microporous adhesive, activated carbon
filter, Velcro® or clamp closure. Urostomy one-piece pouch is made of anti reflux
valve and drainable nozzle for universal adapter. CASEX Brand.


Ostomy pouches are used to collect excreta from a stoma. Closed pouches, in
general, is for colostomy (solid or semisolid faeces). Drainable pouches is for
colostomy or ileostomy. Urostomy pouches are used to collect urine. The main
characteristic is they are proof of fluid and odor leakage. They are disposable.

**Hydrocolloid Resin with Aloe Vera extract.