CURACTIVE ® Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing Regular

Box with 10 units.


Wound dressing made of hydrocolloid particles (gelatin, pectin and CMC) inserted into elastomeric polymers, silicone paper and impermeable plastic film. Sterilized by Gamma Ray. CURACTIVE ® Brand.


Curactive® Regular is indicated for treatment of low exudation wounds.

Regular – 0.059 in (0.15mm) thickness

Ref H110 3.93 x 3.93 in (10cm x 10cm)

Ref H112 5.90 x 5.90 in (15cm x 15cm)

Ref H115 5.90 x 7.87 in (15cm x 20cm)

Ref H120 7.87 x 7.87 in (20cm x 20cm)